Michael, now 14 is a very busy young man.

He was talking to our Prime Minister Tony Abbott on monday 9.3.2015 telling him that he aims to become a pilot.

He has earned himself a place on this years WA 'Premiers Anzac Student Tour' going to Gallipoli in April for the 100 year WWI commemoration.


Watch him on TV

Channel 9 Today Show

He went to Switzerland last Dec-Jan to do work experience at Pilatus Aircraft Corp and to learn skiing, which he did in only 3 days. What took me years to practice he mastered in a very short time. The new skiing equipment makes the whole affair much easier too. 

He plays the Harp and Piano. The picture shows Michael playing a $130'000 Steinway in a music shop in Basel. He loves the Lord of the Rings music.

He flies gliders out of Narrogin and can't wait to go solo once he turns 15.

He wants to become a pilot, either with the Airforce or with a Airline.

He has a big collection of model planes and each Dec he organises his own RC model day here at our farm. 

Teen's dream fly

He is very knowledgeable about aviation and has a go at many different things. He enjoys building airplanes and making very small parts.

He is in the Gifted and Talented on-line program.

Here is his essay which earned him a place in PAST2015, going to Gallipoli

His poem about Middle Earth before the Hobbits and Lord of the Rings won him a prize in a poetry competition in Perth.