We've just had the biggest bushfire in WA history right here in Northcliffe.

It started from lightning and burned 100'000hec. We send the boys away but Elke and I stayed to defend our place. Luckily the fire didn't come closer then 10km to our farm.

Michael and I had a great holiday in Switzerland. Visiting lots of friends and family. Thanks everybody.

Elke and Sam toured Tasmania with a campervan and looking at their photos had a great time too.

Big news. I've found the first ruffle. It's not ripe yet but hopefully will be in May-June with plenty more of its kind.

The big news is not so big anymore as we had to eat the truffle which was dug up by an animal. We grated it onto Risotto which was delicious. The smell of the truffle was strong but the colour was still too light inside.